Production Manager

An area of Videography that one could choose to go in is to become a Production Manager.

Production Managers work behind the scenes of a production in areas such as TV, film, etc.  They are involved in each stage of the process; the planning, the scheduling of production, the filming process, and the budgeting process. When the filming process gets hectic, the production manager ensures that everything is getting done on time and according to plan and that everything is running smoothly without complications (Linton).

Smith. “Movie Production Services Company-How To Choose.” n.d. Online Image. Music Explorer. 2 March.2017.

A production manager has many responsibilities on a set. During pre-production, they create the schedules for the production and the budget. They look over the scripts and look over the resources that are needed for the production such as the actors, the crew members, the props, materials, and equipment and how much each will cost, as well as the location of the production; which could be outdoors, or in-door studios (Linton). When it comes time for production, they need to create schedules for each day and make sure everything is done on the schedule. They have to be problem solvers and find solutions to any issues that arise; such as an illness that an actor or crew member may have, and weather conditions (Linton).

Media Capital. “Film Post Productions.” n.d. Online Image. Media Capital. 2 March. 2017.

The production manager has to pay attention to every detail of what is going on in the filming process and during the post production process in order to catch any errors that could be made. They need to watch for the copyright laws and the union agreements and to make sure they are both being followed through-out the entire process as well as ensuring health and safety regulations are being followed in order to avoid any legal issues from occurring (Linton).

Someone seeking the chance to become a production manager has to have certain qualifications and experience in order to be able succeed in this job field. A college diploma/university degree is not a necessity in order to be a production manager. The most important thing is to have the knowledge and experience in every practical component on the set; lighting, recording/filming, and editing are three examples. It is beneficial to understand the production process and the practical components (Linton).

Skills they need to possess in order to be successful:

Leadership Skills – They need to be able to work with others and to take charge of the decisions that need to be made (“Working as a Production Manager”).
Communication Skills – They need to have strong oral and written communication skills. They need to be able to write strong emails, make phone calls and overall, communicate with the other producers about the film’s progress (“Working as a Production Manager”).
Time Management Skills– They are in charge of keeping production on schedule. They cannot allow the production to go over the time frame. (“What is the Job Description of a Film Production Manager?”).
Problem Solving Skills– If any issues on set arise the production manager is in charge of finding a suitable solution to the issue (“What is the Job Description of a Film Production Manager?”).
Organization Skills- They are in charge of the schedule and dealing with money. They need to write notes down and have reminders and to know what needs to get done and when it needs to get done (“Working as a Production Manager”).
Budgeting Skills- They need to know the cost of the entire project and how to manage it; the paychecks the crew will receive, standard rates, union rates, the cost of equipment and materials needed for the production (“Working as a Production Manager”).
Negotiating Skills- When hiring crew members/actors you will need to negotiate a deal and a contract before the employment can begin and the amount of money they will be paid too (“Working as a Production Manager”).

Clearly, it takes a lot of life experience to become a production manager. You are responsible for a large portion of the success of the film, and the process making the film. If you are looking to become a production manager, get the experience and practice so that you can improve on your practical skills in all areas of a production. It will all be worth it in the end.

Thank you for reading!

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